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Maternity Reflexology is a beautiful treatment for both baby and mum. Whether you are pregnant or are trying for a baby, maternity reflexology can help.  There are many benefits which prove beneficial to both baby and mum. It helps with many ailments including back ache, pelvic hurdle pain, SPD, Sciatica, leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, morning and all day sickness, poor sleep, low energy levels, haemorrhoids, constipation, anxiety, stress and much more.

Babies born to mothers who have had regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy are said to be very calm and are less likely to suffer with colic. Research has found that reflexology can significantly shorten the length of labour and can lesson the likelihood of use of pain belief. If you are trying for a baby or are having difficulty conceiving, reflexology is recommended for both you and your partner to help bring the mind, body and all its systems into harmony and balance.

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