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Sacred Haven

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 Relax and enter a world of calm in our beautiful treatment room, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Sacred Haven offers a range of high quality holistic healing therapies designed to bring your body, mind and spirit to a place of harmony and balance. Experience a wonderfully relaxing, healing therapy of your choice.

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Reflexology €40

Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy through which trained, sensitive hands massage reflex points on the feet, having a positive, healing effect on the body and mind. This treatment works to bring the body and mind to a place of inner balance and healing through removing both physical and emotional toxins and blockages, including stress and tension. Includes complimentary foot spa.
( 1 hour 15 minutes )

Indian Head Massage €40

Indian Head Massage is an ancient healing practice, which incorporates acupressure points and massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, face, arms and hands. It is an excellent treatment to relieve tension, stress, headaches, aches and pains. ( 50 minutes )

Angel Healing €40

 Angel Healing is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful hands on healing which is carried out whilst the client is fully clothed. This treatment works with the healing energy of the angels and guides you to your place of inner calm and peace. It helps you to release negative emotions and anything that is holding you back in life. It helps you to bring yourself and your life to a place of harmony and balance. ( 1 hour 15 minutes )


Maternity Reflexology €40

Maternity Reflexology is a beautiful treatment for both baby and mum. Whether you are pregnant or are trying for a baby, maternity reflexology can help.  There are many benefits which prove beneficial to both baby and mum. It helps with many ailments including back ache, pelvic hurdle pain, SPD, Sciatica, leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, morning and all day sickness, poor sleep, low energy levels, haemorrhoids, constipation, anxiety, stress and much more.

Babies born to mothers who have had regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy are said to be very calm and are less likely to suffer with colic. Research has found that reflexology can significantly shorten the length of labour and can lesson the likelihood of use of pain belief. If you are trying for a baby or are having difficulty conceiving, reflexology is recommended for both you and your partner to help bring the mind, body and all its systems into harmony and balance.  (1 hour 15 mins)

Angel Bliss massage €45

Luxurious hot oil Indian Head Massage or Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with a touch of deeply relaxing Angelic Energy Balancing.  (70 mins)

Ultimate Indulgence €45

Luxurious hot oil Indian Head Massage or Back, Neck & Shoulder massage with a deeply relaxing Foot Massage (70 mins)

Oceanic Healing Bliss €75

Angel Healing with a choice of either Reflexology or Indian Head Massage (2 hours +)

 Mamalicious (Mum To Be) €50

Treat baby & mum to a luxurious Maternity Reflexology treatment with a gentle touch of Angel Healing, followed by a soothing Scalp Massage. Pure Bliss! (75 min)

Signature Special

A special combination of a deeply relaxing Aromatouch Technique Massage with a gentle touch of Angelic Energy balancing. This one certainly sooths the mind, body & soul!

Opening Hours 

 Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am- 6pm

Friday: 1pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Level 2 (third floor) The Great Northern Hotel, Bundoran
To Book an Appointment Contact Therapist, Siobhán on 0871248835
or the Great Northern Hotel on 071 98 41 204 or Email: